Blue green algae closes Madison Beaches

The Madison and Dane County Public Health Department closed two Madison beaches last week as the result of blue-green algae pollution. Blue-green algae is a toxic algae that threatens the health of our families and our pets.

Clean Wisconsin’s Melissa Malott explains what causes blue-green algae blooms, and what action is being taken to try to prevent them from happening in a recent story on WKOW:


Unfortunately, with extreme high temperatures in the forecast, the algae problems on Madison’s lakes are expected to become more intense in the coming days.

-contributed by Sam Weis, communications director.

Clean Wisconsin Staffers Paddle to Work

With our offices only a few blocks from the lakes, at Clean Wisconsin we’re extremely fortunate to live and work next to beautiful lakes. Last week, 4 Clean Wisconsin staffers decided to trade in their bikes, bus passes and cars for paddles, when they participated in the 13th annual Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds’ Paddle to Work Day in Madison. Here’s a quick news story about the event, featuring our own Ezra Meyer:

Paddling is a great, pollution free way to enjoy our beautiful waters. Gliding in front of the Capitol and Monona Terrace across glassy waters served as a wonderful reminder of why we fight so hard to keep our lakes clean. Wisconsin’s lakes are one of our most precious and valuable resources and they deserve strong protections.

Paddling home in the afternoon sun, we saw people enjoying the lakes in many ways. One man tossed a gigantic twirly-tailed lure in hopes of hooking into a lunker Musky as the ski team practiced wakeboarding in the distance. We saw solo fly-fisherman, families enjoying an evening together on boat rides, and college students skimming quickly across the water in skulls. Some people were simply enjoying the beautiful view of the sunny lake from beaches, terraces and porches.

While it’s easy to take them for granted, our lakes are intimately tied to our way of life in Wisconsin. Whether you enjoy paddling, fishing, water skiing, or just gazing at the sun setting over calm water, our lakes are an important contributor to our quality of life in Wisconsin.

At Clean Wisconsin, we fight everyday to protect our lakes, rivers and streams, because they are one of the many things that make Wisconsin such a wonderful place to live, work and play. Some of our best memories are made on the water, and for over forty years we’ve fought to make sure that clean lakes remain there for our children and grandchildren. With your support, we will continue the fight for clean lakes in Wisconsin!

-Contributed by Sam Weis, communications director